PlantPlug Sets

PlantPlugs | Experimental Set 24-Pack

24,99 €

Plant what you want!

Chillies, sage, cornflower and pak choi?
24 empty PlantPlugs allow you to fill up 3 GreenBoxes.

You decide what grows! Create unique combinations or a whole field with your favourite flowers!


The Experimental Set contains 24 PlantPlugs. 

This set does not contain seeds.
It allows you to experiment with the seeds of your choice. You can choose our selected seeds that come in a single package or a pack of 4.  


The PlantPlugs of the Experimental Set are - same as in our PlantPlug Sets - the perfect nutrient medium for your plants: The substrate cones contain all the vital nutrients for your herbs, flowers or fruits to germinate, grow and thrive.

Our PlantPlugs are made of coconut fibres, a by-product of the coconut industry. They maintain their shape when in contact with water. Because they emit almost no particles, they are very clean to handle. 

To keep your plants well nourished, the PlantPlugs are enriched with a mineral fertiliser containing an excellent supply of nutrients. Of course, the PlantPlugs are 100% biodegradable and free from pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, genetically modified organisms, or otherwise questionable substances.



How does it work?
Put seeds of your chosen plant into the PlantPlugs and insert the PlantPlugs into the GreenBox. Watch your plant grow!

For even faster growth, we recommend the new GreenBox Booster.


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