About Us

Hello! We are BerlinGreen.

Olga and Filip, the founders of BerlinGreen.

Our goal: to bring even more green into our homes - because the connection with nature is also elementary for human well-being. With a combination of technology, craftsmanship and design, we want to create places for plants to grow and integrate them into our living spaces. Thriving plants create a healthier indoor climate. Light, which is vital for plants, also brings sun into our lives.

As lovers of high-tech, we want to combine natural and sustainable materials with smart technology. With the architect's eye, we can well put ourselves in the living spaces of many users: They certainly don't need more plastic and aluminum in their environment.

In our vision, the bodies of many electronic devices are made of wood or other renewable materials. The smart home of the future has a natural, European design. Made in Berlin.

High-quality craftsmanship has a centuries-old tradition in Central Europe. The production of goods was based on a locally much tighter network of inventors, engineers, suppliers and craftsmen.The construction of an object aimed at its endurance.

We identify with this tradition of craftsmanship. Our European network of engineers, suppliers and employees is also very important to us. We believe that sustainability is achievable - with the use of renewable raw materials from European suppliers and local production under fair working conditions.

Our growing team at BerlinGreen currently consists of about 10 members and unites diverse nations and disciplines .

Here Sybille, our Head of Production, tells you how the GreenBox is being assembled in Berlin: