PlantPlugs │ Super Vitamin Mix 8-Pack

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The essential kit for your smoothies!

With the Super Vitamin Mix you can create vitamin bombs for your smoothies.

This combination of herbs and leafy greens is the purest immune booster!

The Super Vitamin Mix contains 8 PlantPlugs with respective seeds for:

2 x PlantPlugs Parsley

2 x PlantPlugs Watercress

2 x PlantPlugs Kale

2 x PlantPlugs Sorrel

Kale - the king of greens - infuses your drinks with antioxidants and vitamin C, just the perfect thing for fall and winter. Watercress is said to help regulate blood pressure. It's also said to have cancer-fighting powers. Parsley strengthens bones and eyes with vitamins K and A. Sorrel is also rich in vitamin A, plus its high fiber content promotes bowel activity and weight loss.

How does it work?

Quite simply! Put the seeds provided into the PlantPlugs and these in turn into the slots of the GreenBox. Add water and watch your immune booster begin to grow.

For even faster plant growth, we recommend our new GreenBox-Booster.

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