PlantPlugs │ Summer Meadow Mix 8-Pack

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Summer flowers all year round

Bring the colors and lightness of summer into your home! The Summer Meadow Mix delivers lush blooms at any time of the year.

The Summer Meadow Mix contains 8 PlantPlugs with respective seeds for:

2 x PlantPlugs Petunia

2 x PlantPlugs Calendula

2 x PlantPlugs Cornflower

2 x PlantPlugs Moss Rose

The floral sea of pinks, reds and blues sprinkled with lights of orange and yellow - keeps summer going! The striking funnel flowers of the proud petunia make pink and purple statements. Next to them, the orange and yellow of the calendula shine. Growing to a height of only about 15 centimeters, the cornflower charms with distinctive blue, while the moss rose produces its delightful blooms in multiple colors.

How does it work?

It's simple! Insert the seeds provided into the PlantPlugs and these in turn into the slots of the GreenBox. Add water and watch summer come to your home.

For even faster plant growth, we recommend our new GreenBox-Booster.

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