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This is the GreenBox – a Smart Indoor Garden you’re guaranteed to love.

With the GreenBox you can turn any spot in your home and office into self-sustainable, worry-free natural oasis. Effortlessly grow various decorative and edible plants – herbs, salads, tomatoes, flower & more – and control your progress via smart app for iOS and Android.

Green choice is the best choice.

The GreenBox has 8 free slots for you to fill with any plants of your choice. Using our sustainability-driven & dirt-free technology called PlantPlug you can grow:

- Herbs (both well-known like basil or thyme as well as exotic ones – thai basil and lemon balm);
- salads and leafy veggies (arugula, pak choi, kale);
- chillies and cherry tomatoes;
- small flowers and edible blossoms (marigold, calendula, purslane).

We encourage you to experiment and try your own seeds for unpredictable (yet so exciting!) results. Everything fresh, organic and free from harmful substances.


Your best, green companion

It's so much more than meets the eye!

For garden freshers and green thumb pros. For those who appreciate healthy and organic food. For the trendy design enthusiasts. For those who appreciate nature. Your own Smart Indoor Garden – from Berlin with love.

The daily dose of green happiness. Watching your own plants grow is simply the coolest and most rewarding pastime we can imagine.
With the GreenBox, the first leaves, buds and sprouts appear within 3 days! Imagine coming home to see how beautiful your smart indoor garden has become in just a few hours. Create an amazingly calm aura that stimulates your well-being and invites you into a world of endless discoveries.

It's so easy to be green. The GreenBox is a guaranteed success - no matter what colour your thumb is. We created it so that just about anyone can be an indoor gardener - even in places with little to no sunlight. No more struggling to create the right conditions for your plants. With the help of our advanced app, everything happens automatically. Just put some seeds in the organic substrates, add some water and the GreenBox will do the rest of the work. We promise - you won't be disappointed.

Optimize your skills with the GreenBox. When designing the GreenBox, we also thought about people with some gardening skills. Use the smart indoor garden as a standalone nursery and never go without fresh, classic & exotic vegetables again - or use it as a gateway to your very own urban jungle of replantable ornamentals - including colorful flowers, chilies & tomatoes, monsteras, calatheas and more!

Made to love, built to last. In BERLIN GREEN we believe compromise is never an option when it comes to reliability. We use only top-quality, EU-based birch wood and certified electronic components to ensure maximum longevity and safety of the GreenBox. Our hand manufacturing process is based on reliability-oriented craftsmanship & meticulousness that's rooted deep in German engineering traditions. On top of that – we offer a fair repair policy for all GreenBoxes with a direct access to spare parts – even after warranty.

Homegrown tastes best. Spice things up in your kitchen with a direct access to fresh & aromatic edible plants. With the GreenBox you can grow various herbs and greens that you won't easily find even in a fancy greengrocery. Plants grown inside the Smart Indoor Garden are organic, free of harmful chemicals – and much more potent in scent, flavor and size than those found in supermarkets. With a proper harvesting techniques you can get an unlimited supply of tasty, natural goodies for an entire family.

Cherry tomatoes
Basil Genovese
Basil Piccolino
Red basil
Thai basil
Lemon basil
Lemon balm
Pak Choi
Red romaine lettuce
Romaine lettuce
Wasabi mustard
Moss Rose

Product details

Inside the GreenBox package you will find everything you need to start your green journey: a PlantPlug Starter Set with 8 shape-retaining planting substrates and 4 different seeds packages (2 varieties of basil and lettuce); 8 germination domes that turn the GreenBox into a small greenhouse at the early stage of plant growth; 8 u-discs that will prevent algae and mold buildup; as well as necessary cables & manual.

With the GreenBox we've found a perfect balance between size and functionality. The Smart Indoor Garden can be placed everywhere, even in places with no sunlight. It measures 40.5 x 21 x 34 centimeters and should be placed in the vicinity of power outlet.

At full light performance averaging around 14 hours per day (recommended time for optimal growth results), the electrical consumption is approximately 6.5-8 kWh per month, that translates to roughly 2.05 EUR added to your monthly bill. Wanna hear an insider tip? Use our GreenBox Tent to transform your indoor garden into a stylish lamp in the evening, reducing your environmental and financial footprint.

The housing of the GreenBox is made of ethically sound European birch wood, which is subjected to extensive stress tests during the manufacturing process. In addition, it is not in direct contact with water.
The GreenBox's electrical components are CE and EMC certified by independent laboratories and pose no fire hazard when used properly. We avoid plastic wherever possible. If, because it is necessary, we do resort to plastic, we use 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

Our long-term shipping partner DHL ensures fast delivery times (max. 3 days within Germany), detailed tracking and safety of the parcel. We offer free shipping to Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland with every GreenBox purchase. Customers from outside EU are exempted from VAT on our store – but must be aware of all import taxes (incl. VAT and customs duty) on the parcel arrival.

Every GreenBox comes with:


beautiful, organic edibles, flowers and more with little to no effort required


no need to remember about watering and proper light conditions – it's all done for you!


replant the bigger plants grown in the GreenBox to create your own urban jungle


German reliability in a beautiful package that's made with sustainability and longevity in mind


choose from over 35 plant varieties with guaranteed results – or experiment with your own seeds!


nature up even the darkest corners of your home with fully programmable LED light


spice up your dishes and get direct access to fresh, exotic herbs & greens


we value your trust and we're ready to help you in every part of your green adventure

Plug & Play!

Meet the PlantPlug – the backbone of the GreenBox and the guarantee of amazing growth results.

Packed with nutricious minerals, salts & more it supports the growth of every plant you want to grow inside the Smart Indoor Garden. The roots of the plant integrate seamlessly into the coconut fiber structure, which helps them to get just the right amount of water.

The coolest part is you can easily replant the PlantPlug into regular soil when the plant is big enough. We seriously can't think of a simpler way to become a pro gardener!

The Growth Warranty

We guarantee that the plants from our PlantPlugs Sets will germinate in just a few days. If that doesn't happen – or you're unhappy with your GreenBox for other reasons – you can return it to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Nature comes first. And so does the quality.

As a truly sustainable company that actively participates in various ecological endeavors – it would go against our DNA to release a half-baked gimmick into the public. Every GreenBox is hand-assembled in Berlin and follows a strict quality tests before shipment.

We keep our supply chains short, and material standards high. We believe in products that last – and the GreenBox is a best example of that. We offer OTA updates of firmware to enable new features without the need to purchase new product.

You can also benefit from our fair repair policy and a direct access to all necessary spare parts.

Price transparency

We believe that building trust starts from honesty. Our customers should have the knowledge of the product costs before purchase. We are proud to keep our margins at reasonable levels despite hand manufacturing and sustainability. It's set to level far less than our competitors offering mass-produced, synthetic goods assembled overseas.

All components that create the GreenBox housing comes from the EU and are assembled in Berlin, Germany. We are a proud, equal-chance employer that pays extra attention to safe working conditions.

Our company is legally registered in Germany. We pay all our taxes here to contribute to local – and European – economy. We keep the logistics chain as short as possible to ensure optimal usage of natural resources on every part of our operations.

This value represents team salaries, rent, R&D and marketing costs – as well as our profit. If our product is put on sale that means our margin gets lower.

Join our thriving green community

Hundreds positive reviews, thousands harvested plants and a million more smiles. We are very proud to bring the nature into your homes, apartments and offices. Become a part of a thriving, green community that stands for what's worth standing for.

Any more questions?

With the GreenBox you can grow various plants: Herbs, leafy vegetables, salads, but also small chillies, cherry tomatoes and many types of flowers! You can also grow exotic herbs that you wouldn't normally find in the supermarket. The GreenBox is also suitable for growing larger plants (e.g. courgettes) and then planting them in the garden when the weather warms up.

With a full light output of 12 hours a day (recommended lighting duration for optimal growth results), the electricity consumption is about 5.4 kWh per month, which corresponds to an additional monthly charge of about 2.26 EUR (as of September 2022). Shall we tell you an insider tip? Use our GreenBox Tent to turn your indoor garden into a stylish lamp and reduce your environmental and financial footprint.

First plants will be ready to harvest after 3 weeks of growth (e.g. Asian Greens). In most of the cases you can harvest more than once If you pluck only the outer leaves from lettuce and leave the inside, it will continue to grow. With herbs, it is best to cut off the upper shoots, which in turn are located above leaf branches. This way, new shoots can grow. If you repot your plant, you can often enjoy it for the next few months! The PlantPlugs are organic and will continue to grow in the regular soil.

In the GreenBox you can grow 8 plants at the same time. The plants grow 100% faster, so if you plan to eat big lettuce bowl every day with your family, you may not have enough. If, however, you plan to grow herbs, lettuces and add them to sandwiches, dishes or drinks, then the GreenBox will fully meet your expectations. The seedlings are strong and healthy and skillful harvesting allows you to enjoy your harvest for a long time. The GreenBox is also a great incubator for plants, which you can directly re-plant into pots once they grow big enough.

When you start a new set, the amount of water in the tank should be 1.5 litres. If the plants have already developed more roots, you can fill the water tank to the maximum - with a little more than 2 litres of water. In both cases the plants will be supplied for an average of 14 days. At high temperatures, the water requirement can of course increase.

The housing of the GreenBox is made of birch wood from European timber forests. It is cut by a laser and then finished by hand. Each GreenBox is manually assembled, and quality checked in our Berlin workshop. Parts of the fabrication are done by Berlin's sheltered workshops, which is not only local and sustainable, but also gives us more control over the production process.

12 - 16 hours per day is the most effective lighting time for your plants. You can use the GreenBox app to set when the light should switch on and off automatically. The light temperature and intensity can also be flexibly adjusted to your mood via the app. You can also use the GreenBox as a light alarm clock and/or intelligent daylight lamp.

Turn your indoor garden into a stylish designer lamp with the GreenBox Tent!

No. The wooden housing contains a plastic tank. This in turn contains the insert with the 8 slots for the PlantPlugs. In the middle of this insert are 2 sprinkling holes for watering. The GreenBox can be filled with water using a standard indoor watering can or drinking bottle so that no water drips onto the wood.

With its 40.5 x 21 x 34 cm (W/D/H) the GreenBox fits into every home and catches everyone's attention!

Of course! We also offer PlantPlugs without seeds. With the 24 PlantPlugs of the Experimental Set, you can experiment with the seeds of your choice. You may also plant individually selected seeds in your GreenBox. These are available in our seed selection in both single and 4-packs.

The water tank and the inner slots for the PlantPlugs can be very easily taken out and cleaned. We carefully chose birch wood as the main material for the GreenBox as it remains beautiful and doesn’t change color even after a long time. If you wish to refresh your GreenBox after some time, it can be done in a few minutes using a bit of sanding paper - then even after a few years it will look fresh and new again!

Our PlantPlugs undergo a special drying process at the end of their production, in which any eggs or larvae wouldn’t survive. However if you experience any insect attack on your plants from the outside, please write us a message. We will be happy to replace your PlantPlugs.