PlantPlugs | Italian Herb Mix 8-Pack

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Preorder - Ships November 2020 (Week 47)

Your refillment for GreenBox.

Grow fresh herbs known in the Italian cuisine in your GreenBox!
This set containing eight PlantPlugs and seeds allow you to grow fresh herbs all year round in your apartment with the help of your Smart Indoor Garden GreenBox.

Contains the following:

-2 x Genovese Basil PlantPlugs
-2 x Piccolino Basil PlantPlugs
-2 x Oregano PlantPlugs
-2 x Thyme PlantPlugs

How to use:
Put seeds into the PlantPlugs and insert the PlantPlugs into the GreenBox. Watch your plant grow! Harvest in approximately 4 to 6 weeks and add to your dishes for great aroma, taste and vitamins.