• We bring nature indoors. Effortlessly.

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GreenBox is your Smart Indoor Garden

Grow plants indoors. Effortlessly. GreenBox is your beautiful and smart indoor garden.

GreenBox - Your Smart Indoor Garden

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Control with Smart App

Learn more about GreenBox

Grow Your Own Organic Herbs Indoors

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Optimal Daylight Simulation

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Learn more about GreenBox

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Read testimonials of happy testers and users below:

"I immediately noticed the beautiful design, it was really great, to have always fresh herbs at home."

Sara, Hamburg

"I found it really cool and my friends at the party also noticed the GreenBox. It was a pretty cool nightlamp as well!”

Jan, Berlin

„It has a beautiful design and would feature nicely as an attractive piece of the home while serving a functional purpose"

Dana, Zürich

Money Back Guarantee

GreenBox Features

✔ Full Control via App

Sensors and cloud enable integratation as a part of smart home system. It is the first device on the market, that makes true Smart Home integrated gardening possible.

✔ Automated Daylight System

The LED lights have a total power of ca. 30W, which equals to the energy use of a small light bulb (14 kWh/month with a  suggested cycle of 16h a day). The user can adjust light spectrum as well as the turn off and on time to his own needs and that way use the GreenBox even as a sunlight alarm clock!

✔ Smart Watering

Watering is needed only once every 2 weeks and GreenBox informs you constantly about the water level via app

✔ Sensors and IoT Connectivity

Greenbox checks all the important factors for growth like temperature, lightning, water level, so growing is easy and you can always check all the factors remotely. We also put touch sensors for control.

✔ Sustainable Wooden Casing

It's not an another plastic box for your home. Most of the GreenBox is made out of sustainable European birch plywood.