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The GreenBox is an innovative Smart Indoor Garden for every home and office.

Grow your own greens without any effort, no matter where you live - works even in low-light and small apartments.


Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top-priority.

 In the GreenBox you can grow:

-salads and other greens

Everything fresh and organic!



no watering required
just refill the water tank every two to three weeks only

automatic on and off
choose with the app the times that suit you best - it can work as alarm clock!




connected app and notifications
the Box will automatically inform you about data from sensors


perfect amount of light and nutrients
grow at any time of the year and in any room, independent of sun



choose from our seed collection or use your own seeds  

flexible light temperature
dim the lights and change their temperature for a cosy atmosphere



sustainable materials
high quality wooden case (we avoid plastic whenever possible)

organic PlantPlugs
complimentary set of 8 organic PlantPlugs - grow without soil and dirt

What's in the  Box:

1x GreenBox (40,5cm x 21cm x 34cm)
1x Power Adapter (2m long)
8x PlantPlugs with Seeds (Mix of different herbs and greens)
Link to our Smart App


The power consumption of the GreenBox is about 15-20W (with full power).


Check out also our newest accessory for the GreenBox, which turns it into a cozy lamp: GreenBox Tent

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