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Would you also like to have your own fresh salad and flavorful herbs?

But you don't have the space, the time or the green thumb?

Then our GreenBox is the smart solution for you.

It is also a perfect and unique gift.

Your beautiful and smart Indoor Garden.

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This is what your GreenBox brings into your life

Freshness: seconds ago your lettuce was in the soil and now it's already in your mouth. With the GreenBox you preserve the nutrients and the environment through maximally local harvesting.

Convenience: harvest your plants comfortably and easily on your kitchen counter or office desk -> no bulky tools, no gloves, no dirt, no knee or back pain - the smart way.

Style: Covered with high-quality birch wood, customizable smart lighting and controllable by app, while fresh plants and herbs grow gracefully in...

"This is not just a grow box.

It's a standout decorative element that combines the organic beauty of nature with human ingenuity. Indoor garden, salad supplier, design innovation, tech gadget, and guaranteed conversation topic all in one."


"My lunch salad tastes even better now!

Delivery was super fast and the product was very easy to put into operation. My salad now tastes even better. The box looks very nice and is a cozy lamp for the evening. The kids are also thrilled and plant and harvest the plants. A great family friendly product."

Bartosz K.


"Harvesting fresh herbs and lettuce in the living room in just one month, coupled with a beautiful design, is just wonderful.

Thanks again to the team of Berlin Green for the support to deliver on time for my husband's birthday."

Esperanza K.

What you save with your GreenBox:

Dirt: Having plant soil or leaves on your floor all the time isn't exactly the prettiest interior design, is it?

Time commitment: buying potting soil, purchasing pot, choosing room location, planting, remembering when you last watered, enough sunlight, proper temperature - having your own potted plants (or a garden outside) can be time-consuming.

Green thumb: Some are born gardeners - others are not. Our app takes the guesswork out of gardening and shows you exactly what to do and when.

"Our goal is to change the places where we live - from glass offices and small dark apartments to green, healthy and climate positive environments. We strongly believe that we can change the way of living in cities with our systems, where we create the possibility to have a small garden in every apartment and office with GreenBox."

Filip, Founder of BerlinGreen

This is all part of your GreenBox order

1x GreenBox

- Sunlight imitating LEDs with low energy consumption
- Dimensions 40,5cm x 21cm x 34cm
- Intelligent watering system
- Design in sustainable birch wood
- Bluetooth + WiFi connection
- Limited edition handmade in Berlin
8x plant pads (PlantPlugs)
Contain all the nutrients your plants need
4x Various seed packets
With 2 basil varieties (basil genovese & lemon basil)
and 2 lettuce varieties (Looseleaf Lettuce & Red Romaine Lettuce)
- More than enough for numerous harvests
1x power adapter
Length 2 meters
BerlinGreen App
Intuitive control

✓ 100% Money-Back-Guarantee  ✓ Free delivery within Germany  ✓ Shipping in 1-3 business days


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1. Which plants can I grow in the GreenBox?

You can grow various plants in the GreenBox: herbs, leafy vegetables, salads, but also small chilies, cherry tomatoes, and many types of flowers! You may even grow exotic herbs that you would otherwise not find in the supermarket. The GreenBox is also suitable for raising larger plants (e. g. zucchini) and then transplanting them in your garden when the weather warms up.

You may also use your own seeds. For these purposes we offer PlantPlugs without seeds: https://berlingreen.com/en/collections/experimental/products/plantplugs-experimental-set-24-pack

2. How often do I need to water? How much water should I use?

When you start with a new set, the amount of water in the container should be 1.5 litres. Once the plants have developed more roots, you may fill the water tank to its maximum - with a little more than 2 litres of water. In both cases the plants will be supplied with water for an average of 14 days. At high temperatures, more water may be required.

3. Where and from which material is the GreenBox being produced?

The housing of the GreenBox is made of birch wood from European forests. It is cut by a laser and finished by hand. Each GreenBox is assembled by hand in our Berlin workshop and checked for its quality. Part of our production process is carried out by the Berlin Workshops for the Disabled.

4. Do I have to switch the GreenBox on and off by myself? Does it have to be on at all times?

12 – 16 hours per day is the most effective lighting period for your plants. Use the GreenBox App to configure when the light should be automatically switched on and off. The light temperature and intensity can also be flexibly adjusted to your mood via the app. You may also use the GreenBox as a light alarm clock and/or intelligent daylight lamp.

With the GreenBox Tent, you can turn your indoor garden into a stylish designer lamp!

5. What is the power consumption?

The electrical power of the GreenBox is 15 W (about the same as a table lamp).
At full light performance for 14 hours/day, the monthly electricity consumption is approx. 6.5 kWh/month.

6. Can I use the PlantPlugs more than once?

As the plant grows, its roots penetrate the PlantPlug more and more, so that in the end they can no longer be separated from it. To provide space and nutrients for the roots of a new plant, you should use a new PlantPlug.

In many cases you can harvest several times: If you pluck only the outer leaves from lettuce and leave the inside, it will continue to grow. With herbs, it is best to cut off the upper shoots that are above leaf branches. This way, new shoots can grow back.