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GreenBox - Your Smart Indoor Garden

GreenBox can grow eight plants at the same time, providing them nutrients and appropriate light and water conditions. GreenBoxis not only growing unit, but - due to modern design and high-qualitywood – it serves as an eye-catching interior element as well.

Designed in Germany – made in EU – Nominated to German Design Award 2020

Control with Smart App

GreenBox is the first device on the market, that has a trully smart app. The app connects with device via bluetooth and wifi (coming soon) and gives you up-to-date information about water level as well as full control over the light.

Grow Your Own Fresh Herbs Indoors

Growing with GreenBox is clean, requires less space and is more efficientcompared to traditional gardening.  We deliver seeds and organic growingsubstrate directly to your place. You can enjoy your fresh herbsalready after 4-6 weeks. We use non-GMO seeds only.

Optimal Daylight Simulation

Not only for plants, but also for people to feel well. The used LEDtechnology - imitates sunlight and gives plants exact amount of light,which they need for optimal growth. It is like having your ownprogrammable sun at home! 


Our PlantPlugs are made from a special mixture of organic compounds and are 100% biodegradable. All necessary nutrients are already integrated. This way planting is clean, efficient and without dirt. Just Plug&Play!