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Give your plants the home they deserve!

This is our GreenBox. Made from FSC-certified wood, more energy efficient than your regular IKEA lamp, and controllable with our free iOS and Android mobile app.

You can plant everything from herbs and vegetables to flowers and exotic chillies in your GreenBox. 

With a 3x faster and healthier growth rate – all year round!

The best part: with the correct use, you cannot fail. Your own personal eternal indoor garden will flourish. Your plants, herbs, and vegetables will grow, and your own personal eternal indoor garden will flourish.

European design. Made in Berlin.


“Our goal: even more green in our homes - because the connection with nature is also elementary for human well-being“

Meet the GreenBox
  Your Smart Indoor Garden



    simply refill the built-in water tank once every two to three weeks only


    choose times that suit you best - it can work as daylight alarm clock!


    the Box will automatically inform you about data from sensors


    grow at any time of the year and in any room, independent of sun

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Your Smart Indoor Garden



  • 1x GreenBox

  • 8x Shape-retaining planting substrates (PlantPlugs)

  • 4x Different seed packages (2 basil and 2 salad varieties)

  • 1x Power adapter

  • 1x Link to smart app (iOS and Android compatible)

  • Free shipping

GreenBox Starter Deluxe Bundle

For the optimal starter experience



  • 1x GreenBox

  • 1x PlantPlugs starter set with 2 different basil and salad varieties

  • 1x GreenBox Booster – unique fertilizing formula free from harmful substances

  • 1x GreenBox Tent – handmade cotton shade that turns your GreenBox into a cozy lamp

  • 1x Power adapter

  • 1x Link to smart app (iOS and Android compatible)

  • Free shipping

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Any more questions?

Any more questions?

Which plants can I grow in the GreenBox?

You can grow various plants in the GreenBox: herbs, leafy vegetables, salads, but also small chilies, cherry tomatoes, and many types of flowers! You may even grow exotic herbs that you would otherwise not find in the supermarket. The GreenBox is also suitable for raising larger plants (e. g. zucchini) and then transplanting them in your garden when the weather warms up. You may also use your own seeds. Soon our offer will be extended with microgreens and mushrooms!

How often do I need to water? How much water should I use?

When you start with a new set, the amount of water in the container should be 1.5 litres. Once the plants have developed more roots, you may fill the water tank to its maximum - with a little more than 2 litres of water. In both cases the plants will be supplied with water for an average of 14 days. At high temperatures, more water may be required.

Will my package remain dry and ready-to-use?

The components of every GreenBox we send out are carefully packaged in dry condition, separate from each other: The wooden housing has no contact with water, the PlantPlugs are “unplugged” and packed tightly – and lastly – the seeds are packed individually. This all ensures a very long shelf life of the product and accessories. As long as they are kept in a dry environment, the seeds and PlantPlugs last for 2 years at least. So there's no need to worry if your green gift will last until the holidays. :)

How long can I store the unused PlantPlugs?

The optimal storage for the PlantPlugs: dry, dark and at room temperature. Stored this way, they will last for at least 2 years.

Where and from which material is the GreenBox produced?

The housing of the GreenBox is made of birch wood from European timberlands. It is cut by a laser and finished by hand. Each GreenBox is assembled by hand in our Berlin workshop and checked for its quality. Part of our production process is carried out by the Berlin Workshops for the Disabled.

Do I have to switch the GreenBox on and off by myself? Does it have to be on at all times?

12 – 16 hours per day is the most effective lighting period for your plants. Use the GreenBox App to configure when the light should be automatically switched on and off. The light temperature and intensity can also be flexibly adjusted to your mood via the app. You may also use the GreenBox as a light alarm clock and/or intelligent daylight lamp.

What is the power consumption?

With a light output of 12 hours a day (recommended lighting duration for optimal growth results), the average power consumption is about 5.4 kWh per month, which corresponds to a daily additional load of about 0.07 EUR (as of November 2022). Shall we tell you a secret tip? Use our GreenBox Tent to turn your indoor garden into a stylish lamp in the evening and reduce your environmental and financial footprint.

Does the water have contact with the wood?

No, it doesn't. The wooden housing contains a synthetic water container. This in turn contains the tray with 8 sockets for the PlantPlugs. In the middle of this tray, there are 2 irrigation inlets. The GreenBox can be filled with water using a standard indoor watering pot or drinking bottle so that no water drips onto the wood.