The Most Difficult Part About Growing Your Own Green Oasis At Home:

Watching Your Plants Grow.

What you took on as a fun, relaxing hobby to grow beautiful plants & herbs leaves you with plants that die or don’t even bloom? There’s an easier way: The GreenBox is an user-friendly “hands-off” indoor gardening system for automatic plant growth. You only need to watch as your green creations emerge faster and easier than ever from our organic-quality substrate

Only water every 2-3 weeks

User-friendly app for easy plant growth 

More energy efficient than a lightbulb

Handcrafted in Berlin with ESC-certified birchwood

German Design Award nominee of the year

Guaranteed plant growth & 30- day no questions asked money return

Every order plants a tree thanks to our collaboration with TreeNation 

Sick of Killing Your Plants Without Knowing Why? Tired of all the “Duds” That Don’t Bloom Despite Your Best Efforts? 

Striking the right balance with lighting and watering is a true challenge where A LOT of things can go wrong: Use too little light and your plants stretch, making them leggy and weak. However, too much light may dry and scorch the leaves like a solarium visit gone wrong. Water them too sparingly and they wither and die; Drown them and you get root rot. 

The GreenBox provides all the right lighting, watering and substrate your green companions crave. Its LED strips mimic natural sunlight your plants love and you only need to water them every 2-3 weeks: Done. (It actually is that easy. With the GreenBox at least :)

"We like the product very much. The delivery came super fast, well packaged and in a high-quality wood design. Construction and app are very simple and straightforward."

- Dörthe S.  🇩🇪

"Super service and great product Our two GreenBoxes are more and more fun to use and are also eye-catchers."

- Daniela P. 🇩🇪

My 10 year old daughter likes the Greenbox very much and I also find watching the new sprouts after almost 3 days with ever growing plants exciting!

- Florian F. 🇩🇪

"Even for someone with a brown thumb!  Super thing. Well explained and easy to use. It's just as simple as they say it is. It is fun to watch grow. Looking forward to the harvest."

- Benjamin K. 🇩🇪

"Super service and great product Our two GreenBoxes are more and more fun to use and are also eye-catchers."

- Daniela P. 🇩🇪

"Super product and great processing 😍 Everything worked out wonderfully and it makes a very good impression from the start! Easy as pie!"

- Pericles K. 🇩🇪

"I am overjoyed with my new mini-garden, which not only provides us with fresh produce, but is also super decorative and makes a beautiful lamp."

- Marie J. 🇩🇪

"Our planting set is exactly what we wanted. It looks great, is easy to set up and maintain with the app (great!). So we ordered a second one right away."

- Frank S. 🇩🇪

My 10 year old daughter likes the Greenbox very much and I also find watching the new sprouts after almost 3 days with ever growing plants exciting!

- Florian F. 🇩🇪

"We like the product very much. The delivery came super fast, well packaged and in a high-quality wood design. Construction and app are very simple and straightforward."

- Dörthe S.  🇩🇪

"I am delighted every morning when I check how far the seeds have already germinated. My sister got the second box and is also very pleased!"

- Jennifer K. 🇩🇪

"With you everything is just great! Simple ordering process - simple purchase - super quality - fast delivery And it thrives!!! What more could you want. I am very satisfied."

- Manfred B. 🇩🇪

I am totally thrilled. For almost 2 weeks now various salads, herbs, tomatoes and chilli grow in my kitchen. Everything has sprouted, I would not have expected that! 

- Julia J.  🇩🇪

The ordering process was simple. Setting up the Greenbox is effortless and the first plants germinate and grow so big already! Looking forward to my very first harvest :)

- Nicole T. 🇩🇪

Imagine stepping into a room with a green, vibrant oasis which makes your friends’ and neighbors’ jaws drop. The air in your home feels so fresh and nice in your nostrils, like you’re standing in a small forest. You get to treat your family to all kinds of delicious, healthy homegrown veggies & herbs… And it’s all thanks to YOU. But you didn’t even break a sweat growing your plants! 

The GreenBox is the last indoor gardening system you’ll need. Enjoy a quick & easy setup, a user-friendly app, put the seeds into the PlantPlugs, water them every 2-3 weeks, that’s it. Say goodbye to the disappointment of plants that play hide & seek with you. Instead, enjoy your own impressive green oasis flourishing right in your home. The GreenBox is indoor gardening as it should be: Easy, fun and beautiful.

Meet the GreenBox
  Your Smart Indoor Garden


    simply refill the built-in water tank once every two to three weeks only


    choose times that suit you best - it can work as daylight alarm clock!


    the Box will automatically inform you about data from sensors


    grow at any time of the year and in any room, independent of sun

  • Guaranteed safe checkout

Say No To Sad Remains of Dead Plants: Say Yes To A More Vibrant And Greener Home 

Gardening can be frustrating for many as it's a complex topic with a lot of things that can go wrong: Light, water, substrate, pest control and a lot more.

How much light do you need? What kind? For how long? How many times do you have to turn your plants to “get all the angles” right?...

How do you make sure you give your plants the right substrate? What more can you do besides buying “high-quality & organic” products?...

How do you prevent pests from killing your beautiful plants you put so much effort into?...

Not to mention how you need to regularly take extra care of your plants: All of this makes indoor gardening an extreme, time-consuming challenge. Until now…

The GreenBox will make indoor gardening your easiest task in the day and you’ll eagerly watch how much your green champions have grown, like a child anticipating Christmas (well, almost :)

• EU-certified birchwood for a beautiful and elegant ambience in your home (and less plastic)

• “Automatic plant growth” thanks to a big water tank: Only water every 2-3 weeks

• More energy-efficient than the lightbulb in your living room (at only 7c per 12 hours!)

• Organic, coconut-fiber based substrates with optimal mineral composition, so your plants grow reliably & fast

• GreenBox mimics the light spectrum of the sun so you have an easier time getting up in the dark winter mornings

• German Design Award 2020 nominee upgrades your home with a unique style and an inviting, cozy atmosphere

• Less CO2, more O2: Higher air quality that makes you feel great and energetic

• Grow 8 different plants & herbs or grow your favorite one eight times, easier than ever: The choice is yours!

GreenBox vs other systems


  • Box made from ESC-certified birchwood so you can put more Mother Nature in your home 

  • Handcrafted & Made in Berlin with natural materials so you know you have natural, safe materials in your home 

  • Organic-quality substrate that makes your plants grow fast 

  • White light so your GreenBox blends in easier with your green home

  • LED strips with the sun’s light spectrum so you can give your plants natural sunlight even during winter 

  • Large water tank means you only need to water every 2-3 weeks and your plants are happy 

  • Precise digital water sensor so you always know how your plants are doing

  • GreenBox Tent that transforms your GreenBox into the most stylish and eco-friendly lamp 

  • Eco-friendly at 7c/12 hours and energy-efficient thanks to fully programmable smart timer which lets you set YOUR preferred schedule (save more on the electricity bill) 

  • GreenBox is easy to clean and will look good for a long time (Tip: If you need to, keep its look fresh by using a bit of sanding paper so it looks like new again!)

Other smart indoor gardens

  • Box made from cheap plastic

  • Made in China or other countries with production standards lower than Germany 

  • Lower quality substrates that leaves your plants with poor “nutrition” (and poor results)

  • Violet or pink light that stings the eyes 

  • Light spectrum that doesn’t give your plants optimal lighting

  • Smaller water tank = you need to water more often 

  • Imprecise water level gauge (and you have to guess how your plants are doing)

  • No stylish and eco-friendly lamp

  • Spend more on the electricity bill due to “not as smart” timers

  • Harder to clean due to cheap plastic 

Your green oasis is just around the corne


Your Smart Indoor Garden

  • 1x GreenBox

  • 8x Shape-retaining planting substrates (PlantPlugs)

  • 4x Different seed packages (2 basil and 2 salad varieties)

  • 1x Power adapter

  • 1x Link to smart app (iOS and Android compatible)

  • Free shipping

GreenBox Starter Deluxe Bundle

For the optimal starter experience



  • 1x GreenBox

  • 1x PlantPlugs starter set with 2 different basil and salad varieties

  • 1x GreenBox Booster – unique fertilizing formula free from harmful substances

  • 1x GreenBox Tent – handmade cotton shade that turns your GreenBox into a cozy lamp

  • 1x Power adapter

  • 1x Link to smart app (iOS and Android compatible)

  • Free shipping

“We guarantee that the plants from our PlantPlug Sets will germinate in just a few days. If that doesn't happen – or you're unhappy with your GreenBox for other reasons – you can return it to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.” 

We can give this kind of guarantee because we KNOW that the GreenBox is the result of countless hours of research, product improvement and thousands upon thousands of Euros invested . Not only that, more than 5.000 customers are thrilled with their GreenBox and have the indoor gardening time of their life. And many of them keep on ordering more GreenBoxes because they can’t get enough of it! 

No cheap production for our GreenBox: It’s handmade in Berlin, using quality, natural birchwood from ESC-certified forests in the European Union. Because you have a lot more fun knowing that you have safe, quality materials at home that you can trust. But should you actually fall into the very small group of people who are not pleased with their GreenBox experience, we will give you a full refund, up to 30 days after your order. And we’ll still be friends, pinky promise :)

GreenBox features

With its 40.5 x 21 x 34 cm (W/D/H) the GreenBox fits into every home and is sure to impress

Birchwood from ESC-certified, timber forests from the EU;

Smartphone app lets you schedule the light intensity and temperature automatically. 

LED strips have a temperature range of 3.000K - 6.000 K so it mimics natural sunlight for your plants

Average electricity consumption is about 5.4 kWh per month (7 cents per 12 hours)

One of the largest watering tanks in the industry, so you need to water less often (every 2-3 weeks)

Precise digital water sensor that even works accurately when using fertilizers

The water tank and the inner slots for the PlantPlugs were made to be taken out and cleaned easily

The GreenBox was nominated with the German Design Award 2020

Any more questions?

Any more questions?

Which plants can I grow in the GreenBox?

With the GreenBox you can grow various plants: Herbs, leafy vegetables, salads, but also small chillies, cherry tomatoes and many types of flowers! You can also grow exotic herbs that you wouldn't normally find in the supermarket. The GreenBox is also suitable for growing larger plants (e.g. courgettes) and then planting them in the garden when the weather warms up.

Soon our offer will be expanded to include microgreens and mushrooms!

What is the power consumption?

With a light output of 12 hours a day (recommended lighting duration for optimal growth results), the average electricity consumption is about 5.4 kWh per month, which corresponds to a daily additional load of about 0.07 EUR (as of November 2022). Shall we tell you an insider tip? Use our GreenBox Tent to turn your indoor garden into a stylish lamp in the evening and reduce your environmental and financial footprint.

Will my package remain dry and ready-to-use?

The components of each GreenBox we ship are carefully packed in a dry state and separately from each other: the wooden case does not come into contact with water, the PlantPlugs are "unplugged" and tightly packed - in addition, the seeds are individually packed separately. All this ensures a very long shelf life of the product and accessories. As long as they are kept in a dry environment, the seeds and PlantPlugs will last for at least 2 years. 

How long can I use the plants?

You can harvest some plants (e.g. Asian herbs) as early as 3 weeks after sowing. If you pluck only the outer leaves of the lettuce properly and do not damage the core of the plant, they can continue to grow without any problems. With herbs, it is best to cut off the upper shoots, which in turn are above the leafy branches. This allows new shoots to grow again and again. If you repot your plants, you can even enjoy them for several months! The PlantPlugs are organic and so the plant can continue to grow in normal soil.

Is the crop quantity satisfactory?

In the GreenBox you can grow 8 plants at the same time. The plants grow 100% faster, so if you plan to eat big lettuce bowl every day with your family, you may not have enough. If, however, you plan to grow herbs, lettuces and add them to sandwiches, dishes or drinks, then the GreenBox will fully meet your expectations. The seedlings are strong and healthy and skillful harvesting allows you to enjoy your harvest for a long time. The GreenBox is also a great incubator for plants, which you can directly re-plant into pots once they grow big enough.

How often do I need to irrigate? How much water should I use?

When you start a new set, the amount of water in the tank should be 1.5 liters. If the plants have already developed more roots, you can fill the water tank to the maximum - with a little more than 2 liters of water. In both cases the plants will be supplied for an average of 14 days. At high temperatures, the water requirement can of course increase.

Where and from which material is the GreenBox produced?

The housing of the GreenBox is made of birch wood from European timber forests. It is cut by a laser and then finished by hand. Each GreenBox is manually assembled, and quality checked in our Berlin workshop. Parts of the fabrication are done by Berlin's sheltered workshops, which is not only local and sustainable, but also gives us more control over the production process.

Do I have to switch the GreenBox on and off myself? Does it have to light up around the clock?

12 - 16 hours per day is the most effective lighting time for your plants. You can use the GreenBox app to set when the light should switch on and off automatically. The light temperature and intensity can also be flexibly adjusted to your mood via the app. You can also use the GreenBox as a light alarm clock and/or intelligent daylight lamp.

Turn your indoor garden into a stylish designer lamp with the GreenBox Tent!

Does the water come into contact with the wood?

No. The wooden housing contains a plastic tank. This in turn contains the insert with the 8 slots for the PlantPlugs. In the middle of this insert are 2 sprinkling holes for watering. The GreenBox can be filled with water using a standard indoor watering can or drinking bottle so that no water drips onto the wood.

What are the dimensions of the GreenBox?

With its 40.5 x 21 x 34 cm (W/D/H) the GreenBox fits into every home and catches everyone's attention!

Can I use my own seeds?

Of course! 

How easy is it to clean the GreenBox? Will the wood remain in a good condition for a long time? 

The water tank and the inner slots for the PlantPlugs can be very easily taken out and cleaned. We carefully chose birch wood as the main material for the GreenBox as it remains beautiful and doesn't change color even after a long time. If you wish to refresh your GreenBox after some time, it can be done in a few minutes using a bit of sanding paper - then even after a few years it will look fresh and new again!

What if my plants get diseases or pests? 

Our PlantPlugs undergo a special drying process at the end of their production, in which any eggs or larvae wouldn't survive. However, if you experience any insect attack on your plants from the outside, please write us a message. We will be happy to replace your PlantPlugs.

What if your GreenBox doesn’t have a feature that I want? 

We at BERLIN GREEN take our customer feedback seriously and keep on fine-tuning and improving the GreenBox so no customer wishes are left unheard :)