Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the starter package that I get with my GreenBox?
The starter package will include 8 (for GreenBox) biodegradable PlantPlugs with already integrated nutrients and seeds.

Is the light turned on all day and night?
No, the light is pre-set for 16 hours/day. 14 to 16 hours per day is the most effective light length for your plants to grow. However, you can change the turn off and turn on time in our app and adjust to your needs. That way you can use the GreenBox even as an effective light alarm clock! So in effect it is daylight simulation system.

What will be the cost of new plant plugs?
New set of 8 PlantPlugs (seeds and nutrients already included) will cost 9,99€

Can I use my own seeds?
Yes, we will offer the plant plugs without integrated seeds as well, so you can experiment with whatever seeds you would like!