It’s so easy to go green.

How it works

Check out step-by-step guide to start your green adventure.

Step 1

Unbox & Connect

Your GreenBox has finally arrived! Let’s jump straight into specifics then. Carefully remove the GreenBox from the packaging and use the included power adaptor to plug the GreenBox to electrical outlet. The socket is located on the right side, underneath the black touch sensor. The GreenBox light will start to fade-in and out slowly.

Step 2

Add the water level sensor.

Carefully slide the sensor into the small compartment located in the black inlay. Connect it via USB cable to the USB socket located in the wooden handle.

Step 3

Just Plug & Play!

Grab your favorite PlantPlug Set and place the 8 substrate cones into the 8 sockets of the inlay inside the main unit. Carefully pour the seeds from the seed package first onto your palm. Then place them from there inside the wholes of the PlantPlugs – just like you would add a pinch of salt to your dish.

Step 4

Get smart.

Fire up your smartphone and look for GreenBoxApp in your application store (we support both iOS and Android). After successful download – make sure to follow the steps within the app. For an optimal user experience we strongly suggest creating an account. This way you will enjoy the GreenBox at its full potential!

Step 5

Stay hydrated.

Fill the water tank with 2 litres of water, preferably at room temperature. Fancy an additional boost? Make sure to get our mineral fertilizer – the GreenBox Booster. It will make your green babies grow almost twice as fast, nearly twice as big. Just add 1 cap of Booster for every 2 litres of water.

Step 6

Watch it grow!

The journey has begun. Welcome to the world of self-sustainable, worry free plant care. For updates on the water level and information on your plants progress just check your app every now and then.
Optimal daylight simulation
Intelligent watering system
Mobile app control
Dirt-free planting

You and the GreenBox

A naturally perfect match.

We are on a mission to enable a seamless integration of nature and technology. We are introducing the product that changes how you interact with and care for beautiful plants. The used full-spectrum LED technology imitates the natural sunlight and gives both humans and the emerging foliage just the right amount of light.

Why the GreenBox?

It’s so much more than you think.

Plant care is proven to be a very soothing experience that forms beneficial habits and eases the soul. By making it even easier and more accessible for everyone we want to empower people to make a positive change in their lives.

Observing the successful plant growth gives us some of this juicy reward we all seek day-to-day. With the GreenBox you’re guaranteed to enjoy the green experience.

Full spectrum LED light gives that additional boost – especially in times and places with little to no sunlight. The simulated daylight stimulates our mental energy and contributes to a balanced psychological state.

Creating a healthy habit of plant care changes the way you think about daily duties. It makes you more aware, diligent and gives you a positive sense of control.

The GreenBox is ideal for parents who want to introduce their children to nature. It creates a strong bond between the kids and their plants and conveys the interplay of the elements in a stress-free way.