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About us

Let’s get to know each other.

As friends of technology and lovers of natural materials, our vision since 2018 has been: to bring growing green into our homes – with the unity of technology, design, and craftsmanship. All year round and especially in cities – where many homes are further away from nature and less indulged by sunlight.

Our mission: to create smart and sustainable growing areas for every home - in a shell made of renewable materials. After all, every household already has enough surfaces made of aluminium, tin and plastic. We see the future of the smart home in a natural, European design. Made in Berlin.

Enjoying greenery can also meet some of our personal needs for herbs, salads and more: locally produced, eco-friendly food can be used to avoid transport and plastic waste, to bind CO2 in our homes and to improve people's well-being in the long run. Especially in low-light environments, the GreenBox not only functions as a green oasis, but also as a surrogate for the sun, providing us with vital light.

The combination of wood and smart technology is created by high-quality craftsmanship. In central Europe, its tradition goes back many centuries. Not many generations ago, the production of goods was based on a local network of engineers, suppliers, inventors, and craftsmen. The construction of an object aimed at its longevity.

This tradition of craftsmanship is also very important to us at BerlinGreen. We identify with our EU-based network of employees, suppliers and engineers. We believe in sustainable production - with the processing of renewable materials from Europe and local manufacturing under fair working conditions.

As the plants grow, so does the BerlinGreen team: This currently unites about 10 people from various nations and with the most diverse skills.

Our values

We are more than a lifestyle brand.



People. We value individuality and diversity. We are a proud equal employer, that creates a positive and inclusive environment for both people and plants to grow.



The users of GreenBox – our green family – never stops to amaze us. We cherish deeply their admiration for nature and creativity when it comes to plant experimentation.



Sustainability. You’ve seen it all before. A company that says it's green and loves nature, but does nothing under this facade. We despise such attitude. By keeping our supply chains short, our production effective and materials either natural or fully recyclable – we minimize our impact on the planet. Moreover – for every GreenBox we sell, we plant a new tree in collaboration with TreeNation.

We started our green journey relatively recently – however, we managed to make some amazing things happen.

  • 2020 – we moved our production to MotionLab – a unique, creative space in Berlin gathering Germany’s top minds
  • 2020 – we sold our 1.000. GreenBox
  • 2021 – we planted more than 4.000 trees (with double that to come this year)

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