Dwarf Sunflower Little Sunshine

1,79 €

Summer, sun, sunshine: what flower embodies this mood better than the sunflower? The beaming faces of the Little Sunshine dwarf sunflower spread good cheer in any room, balcony or garden. Even the smallest type of sunflower needs space for its roots. We therefore advise transplanting the pre-pulled plants at a height of 15 - 20 cm into a larger flower pot or from the end of May into sunny open ground. Grows moderately fast.


Single pack variant: 1 bag of seeds in a single pack contains seeds for 2 PlantPlugs.


Variant 4-pack: 1 seed packet 4-pack contains 4 seed bags, 1 seed bag is enough for 2 PlantPlugs. This means that 1 seed packet is enough for 1 planting of the GreenBox (8 PlantPlugs).