Red basil

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The striking red-purple of the basil is an absolute eye-catcher! The aroma goes well with salads, vegetable and fish dishes and seasons sauces such as soups. The tea is said to have a nerve- and cold-relieving effect. Grows moderately fast.


Single pack variant: 1 bag of seeds in a single pack contains seeds for 2 PlantPlugs.


Variant 4-pack: 1 seed packet 4-pack contains 4 seed bags, 1 seed bag is enough for 2 PlantPlugs. This means that 1 seed packet is enough for 1 planting of the GreenBox (8 PlantPlugs).

Product details

Several seeds can be placed in one PlantPlug. Germinates after 10 - 16 days. Ideal room temperature between 20 - 25 °C.

First harvest after the plant has formed 6-8 leaves. Regular pruning promotes strong growth and prevents flower formation. However, the plant should not be cut down completely.



The red-purple provides a decorative effect


Contains antioxidants and abundant essential oil that is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing


For optimal results, we recommend cultivation in the GreenBox

Plug & Play!

Meet the PlantPlug – the backbone of the GreenBox and the guarantee of amazing growth results.

Packed with nutricious minerals, salts & more it supports the growth of every plant you want to grow inside the Smart Indoor Garden. The roots of the plant integrate seamlessly into the coconut fiber structure, which helps them to get just the right amount of water.

The coolest part is you can easily replant the PlantPlug into regular soil when the plant is big enough. We seriously can't think of a simpler way to become a pro gardener!

The Growth Warranty

We guarantee that the plants from our PlantPlugs Sets will germinate in just a few days. If that doesn't happen – or you're unhappy with your GreenBox for other reasons – you can return it to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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