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PlantPlugs | Asian Greens Mix 8-Pack

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Aromatic greens from the Far East 

Enjoy spicy flavours and valuable ABC vitamins in your meals! Relish home-grown Pak Choi and the subtle spiciness of Red Giant Lettuce. The mustard herbs Mizuna and Komatsuna, popular in Japan, add variety to any plate. 

The PlantPlug Asian Greens Set
contains 8 PlantPlugs with seeds for:

- 2 x PlantPlugs Mizuna
- 2 x PlantPlugs Komatsuna
- 2 x PlantPlugs Pak Choi
- 2 x PlantPlugs Red Giant Salad 

The taste of Mizuna resembles a mixture of turnip cabbage, broccoli, and arugula. With its mustard, spinach, and cabbage flavours, Komatsuna is also called mustard spinach, and rightly so: The spicy seasoning of young leaves is very good in salads. Steamed or fried, older leaves make an excellent and aromatic side dish.
The slight pungency of the Red Giant Salad, on the other hand, can be compared to radish. Shortly fried in mustard oil with garlic, the mild cabbage flavour of Pak Choi, already known in the West, tastes at its best.


How does it work?
Place the seeds in the PlantPlugs and insert the PlantPlugs into the GreenBox. After about three to five weeks you can enjoy your first harvest!

The PlantPlugs
Our PlantPlugs are made of coconut fibres, a by-product of the coconut industry. They maintain their shape when in contact with water. Because they emit almost no particles, they are very clean to handle.

To keep your plants well nourished, the PlantPlugs are enriched with a mineral fertiliser containing an excellent supply of nutrients. Of course, the PlantPlugs are 100% biodegradable and free from pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, genetically modified organisms, or otherwise questionable substances.

The crunchy vegetables grow particularly fast with our new GreenBox Booster.


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Product details

In our PlantPlug sets you will find everything you need for your first harvest with the GreenBox. In addition to 8 dimensionally stable plant substrates, we have also put together 4 different types of seeds. For one PlantPlug you need ½ packet of seeds. This way you can fill your entire GreenBox with one set.
A PlantPlug consists of mineral fertiliser wrapped in coconut fibre, which is a by-product of the coconut industry. When a PlantPlug comes into contact with water, it retains its shape and is thus an ideal mediator of liquid and nutrients for the plant. The plant substrates we currently source from the Netherlands are 100% biodegradable and free from pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and other foreign substances. Our BerlinGreen seeds come from Germany and Poland.
Before the plant substrates make their way to us, they are thermally treated. This ensures a long shelf life and the exclusion of foreign bodies such as insects. To keep them for a long time at home, store them at room temperature in a dry place away from light. Simply keep the PlantPlugs in the package that came with them and you can enjoy them for up to 3 years.
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Plug & Play!

Meet the PlantPlug – the backbone of the GreenBox and the guarantee of amazing growth results.

Packed with nutricious minerals, salts & more it supports the growth of every plant you want to grow inside the Smart Indoor Garden. The roots of the plant integrate seamlessly into the coconut fiber structure, which helps them to get just the right amount of water.

The coolest part is you can easily replant the PlantPlug into regular soil when the plant is big enough. We seriously can't think of a simpler way to become a pro gardener!

Each PlantPlugs set contains:


Composition from natural coconut fibre, a by-product of the coconut industry - Waste-free and optimised supply of water and nutrients


Contains mineral fertiliser - 100% biodegradable and free from pesticides, fungicides as well as insecticides. For natural growth and ecological results


Designed to provide your plants with the best possible water and nutrients - the ideal conditions for strong & healthy growth.


enables uncomplicated and clean cultivation. After the germination process, the plant can be repotted together with the PlantPlug dirt-free and easily.


ideal conditions for all types of plants. Use our PlantPlug sets or experiment and create your very own urban garden.

Any more questions?

You can grow different types of plants at the same time! Some plants grow slower, others faster. We have already put together plants with similar growth rhythms in our PlantPlug sets.
Our PlantPlugs consist mainly of coconut fibre, a by-product of the coconut industry. A mineral fertiliser that provides the plants with good nutrients is also included. Of course, they are 100% biodegradable and free of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, genetically modified organisms or otherwise hazardous substances.
The optimal storage for the PlantPlugs: dry, dark and at room temperature. Stored this way, they will last for at least 2 years.
Of course! We also offer PlantPlugs without seeds. With the 24 PlantPlugs of the Experimental Set, you can experiment with the seeds of your choice. You may also plant individually selected seeds in your GreenBox. These are available in our seed selection in both single and 4-packs.
As the plant grows, its roots penetrate the PlantPlug more and more, so that eventually they can no longer be separated from it. To provide space and nutrients for the roots of a new plant, you should use a fresh PlantPlug for the next sowing. In many cases you can harvest more than once: If you pluck only the outer leaves from lettuce and leave the inside, it will continue to grow. With herbs, it is best to cut off the upper shoots, which in turn are located above leaf branches. This way, new shoots can grow.
Absolutely! The GreenBox also provides optimal starting conditions for larger plants. As soon as the "nursery" becomes too small for them, you can repot them in normal soil (indoors or outdoors). This way you can also use the GreenBox as a perfect growing station for your (vegetable) garden. With the PlantPlugs as a growing base, the whole process is clean and easy.
To prevent algae or mould from arising on the moist and light-exposed surface of the PlantPlugs, we have developed the U-discs. These are placed on the substrate surface after sowing. Seeds and seedlings still get enough light. The U-discs should stay until the plant has formed enough leaves to overshadow the PlantPlug’s surface of its own. Then the U-discs can be removed.