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GreenBox Tent

29,99 €

Your plants are still small, the LEDs shine a little too brightly for you?

Would you like to turn your GreenBox into a cozy lamp?

In the first growing stage, the leaves are not yet present or very small. At full power, the light of the LEDs might be too bright for some observers. Voilà - the solution! The GreenBox Tent (lamp shade) works as a lampshade and diffuses this light , so that indoor gardeners find it pleasant. Thus, the GreenBox becomes a lounge lamp!

Once the plants are so large that they touch the Tent, it can be removed for the rest of the growing cycle. The plants now disperse the light from the LEDs.


Material: 100 % cotton. Handmade in the EU. Washable at 30° C.

Special start price of 29,99€.


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