Frequently Asked Questions


Which plants can be grown in the GreenBox?
Herbs, salads, but also small chillis and edible flowers can grow in the GreenBox. You can also grow exotic herbs in the GreenBox that you would otherwise not get in the supermarket. The GreenBox is also suitable for growing larger plants (such as courgettes) and then transplanting them to the garden or balcony when the weather warms up.

How long does a growing cycle last?
A growing cycle lasts between four and eight weeks for the majority of plants.

Where can I buy new PlantPlugs later? How much will they cost?
The new PlantPlugs including seeds are available in our online shop:
A new set of eight PlantPlugs (seeds and nutrients already included) costs €9.99.

Can I use my own seeds?
Yes, we offer the PlantPlugs without seeds so you can experiment with any seeds you like! You can find the set here:

What seeds are included in the Starter Set?
There are two different basil and two different salad varieties in the starter set - perfect to get you started.

Are the plants organic?
Our PlantPlugs contain no pesticides, fungicides or other unnecessary substances. We use a mineral fertiliser so that the plants have everything they need - but unfortunately this way the plant cannot officially be certified as "organic". The seeds used come from German producers. All plants are GMO-free.

When should I remove the germination domes?
Remove the germination dome when the plant has reached approximately the top of the dome.

Can I only grow one plant variety at a time in the GreenBox?
You could, but it is more fun if you grow up to eight different types of plants at the same time. Some plants grow slower, others faster. Plants with a similar growth rhythm should be planted together - that is already done for you in our sets.

Is the light on all day and all night?
The light should be on for about 14 hours a day. 14 to 16 hours per day is the most effective lighting time for your plants to grow. However, you can change the on/off time in our app and adjust it to your needs. This way you can even use the GreenBox as a light alarm clock!

Which light is used?
In the GreenBox we use three LED strips with different colours of white light. That way we imitate daylight so that the plants can grow well. The growth plant mode is preseted in the app. However, you can also use the GreenBox as a smart lamp and adjust the light intensity and light colour to your own needs.

Where is the best place to put my GreenBox?
The GreenBox can be placed almost anywhere indoors: on the kitchen counter for cooking, in the office to increase productivity, in the bathroom for fresh decoration, in the living room as an eye-catcher or in the bedroom for a calming greenery. It is just not recommended to place the GreenBox near radiators or air conditioners, as the plants do not like draughts or dry air. The GreenBox is designed for indoor use only and cannot be operated outdoors.

Can I repot the plants from the GreenBox into normal soil?
Absolutely! This way you can "start" with larger plants in a controlled environment and then repot them into regular soil (indoors or outdoors). Because the plants grow in the PlantPlugs, the whole process is clean and uncomplicated. This makes the GreenBox ideal for growing your own seedlings from seeds.

What is the average power consumption?
The electrical power of the GreenBox is 20W. Calculated with the use of 14h/day, the power consumption is approx. 100kWh per year with full use.

What do I do if my box breaks down?
In this case, please send us an e-mail:

Where can I get spare parts for my box?
The spare parts will soon be available in our online shop. If you already need something, please write us a message:

I would like to redeem my voucher, but I can't find a link. Where do I do that?
Please order the GreenBox normally via our online shop and redeem the code in the check-out process. The code should give a 100% discount.


Which app do I need to install?
Please search for "GreenBoxApp". Here are the exact links:
Google Play Store:
Apple App Store:

Is the app only available for iPhones or also for Android?
The app is available for both systems.

The light does not go out despite programming in the app. What could be the reason for this?
Please try switching the GreenBox on and off again and restart the app. Then please test the connection with the app (On/Off) and set the times again.

What light intensity should I set?
The "Growth" program is intended for the plants. If the light is too bright for you, you can adjust the brightness with the slider (values between 50 and 100% are still sufficient for the plants). For best growth, however, we recommend 100% power. The other programs are intended for the user - e.g. "Ambient" as a warm light source for the evening. We have designed the GreenBox so that the product can also be used as a smart lamp. Please note that the plants can only grow optimally under "Growth".

On the homepage it says that WLAN is also planned for the box. Would this be possible automatically with my box or would I need a new one?
This would be done via a software update. So you don't need a new box for the future Wi-Fi function.