Frequently asked questions


The housing of the GreenBox is made of birch wood from European timber forests. It is cut by a laser and then finished by hand. Each GreenBox is manually assembled, and quality checked in our Berlin workshop. Parts of the fabrication are done by Berlin's sheltered workshops, which is not only local and sustainable, but also gives us more control over the production process.

With its 40.5 x 21 x 34 cm (W/D/H) the GreenBox fits into every home and catches everyone's attention!

The GreenBox can be placed in almost any interior: e.g. on the kitchen counter to always have your herbs at hand. In the office, its greenery improves the indoor climate - thus helping to increase productivity. In the bathroom, it nourishes the floral decoration and provides soothing greenery in the bedroom. As an eye-catcher in the living room, it will not go unnoticed by any guest.
We recommend that you do not place the GreenBox near radiators or air conditioners, as the plants do not like draughts or dry air. The GreenBox is not suitable for outdoor use.

The U-Plugs are designed to prevent the growth of algae or mould on the moist substrate surface that is exposed to light. (The PlantPlugs do not contain herbicides, fungicides or other harmful substances). Place the U-plates over the PlantPlugs after sowing. Seeds and seedlings still get enough light. The U-plates should be left in place until the plant can overshadow the surface of the PlantPlugs with its own leaves. Then the U-Plugs can be removed.
The germination bonnets act like a small greenhouse: they create the perfect climate for the sensitive germination phase of your plants by concentrating the direct heat above the PlantPlug and protecting the tender germ from draughts. Put the germination bonnets over the U-plates after sowing and remove them as soon as the plants start to touch them from the inside.

Yes, an 8-pack of U-discs and an 8-pack of germination domes are part of the basic equipment of the GreenBox. You will receive them with every order of a GreenBox, a GreenBox Bundle and all product variants of special GreenBox Editions.

Plants and PlantPlugs

Herbs, salads, but also small chillies, cherry tomatoes and many types of flowers can grow in the GreenBox. You can also grow exotic herbs that you would normally not find in the supermarket. The GreenBox is also a very good growing station for larger plants (such as zucchini or cucumbers) that can later be transferred to your garden when the weather warms up.

You can grow different types of plants at the same time! Some plants grow slower, others faster. We have already put together plants with similar growth rhythms in our PlantPlug sets.

Our PlantPlugs consist mainly of coconut fibre, a by-product of the coconut industry. A mineral fertiliser that provides the plants with good nutrients is also included. Of course, they are 100% biodegradable and free of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, genetically modified organisms or otherwise hazardous substances.

The optimal storage for the PlantPlugs: dry, dark and at room temperature. Stored this way, they will last for at least 2 years.

The starter set comes with 2 basil varieties (Basil Genovese and Lemon Basil) and 2 lettuce varieties (Looseleaf Lettuce and Red Romaine Lettuce) - perfect for getting started!

Of course! We also offer PlantPlugs without seeds. With the 24 PlantPlugs of the Experimental Set, you can experiment with the seeds of your choice. You may also plant individually selected seeds in your GreenBox. These are available in our seed selection in both single and 4-packs.

As the plant grows, its roots penetrate the PlantPlug more and more, so that in the end they can no longer be separated from it. To provide space and nutrients for the roots of a new plant, you should use a new PlantPlug for a new sowing.

In many cases you can harvest several times: If you only cut off the outer leaves of lettuce and leave the inside, it will continue to grow. With herbs, it is best to cut off the upper shoots, which are located above the leaf branches. This way, new shoots can grow.

You can also try out your own substrates. However, we cannot guarantee successful growth with other substrates. In addition, you cannot rely on the functionality of the water level sensor, because it will be less clean if sand, soil, or humus particles dissolve in the tank’s water. The PlantPlugs, on the other hand, maintain their shape in contact with water. By virtually not shedding any particles, they are very clean to handle.

Absolutely! The GreenBox also provides optimal starting conditions for larger plants. As soon as the "nursery" becomes too small for them, you can repot them in normal soil (indoors or outdoors). This way you can also use the GreenBox as a perfect growing station for your (vegetable) garden. With the PlantPlugs as a growing base, the whole process is clean and easy.

To prevent algae or mould from forming on the moist and light shining surface of the PlantPlugs, we have developed the U-plates. These are placed on the substrate surface after sowing. Seeds and seedlings still get enough light.

The U-plates should be left in place until the plant has formed enough leaves to overshadow the surface on its own. Then the U-plates can be removed.

GreenBox Booster

Our PlantPlugs already contain a basic food mix for most plants. However, there are also plants that need more nutrition (e.g. pak choi). We also recommend the GreenBox Booster if you want fast results. With it, your plants will grow almost twice as fast.

In addition, the plants will have absorbed the nutrients contained in the PlantPlug after approx. 2 months. They can then receive new nutrients by adding the GreenBox Booster to the water. In this way you can extend the life of many plants.

The basis of the GreenBox booster is mineral. This means that it contains the same plant nutrients that occur in nature. At the same time, it is free of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, genetically modified organisms or otherwise hazardous substances.

Organic-based bio-fertiliser smells very strong and also provides a good habitat not only for plants but also for flies. Therefore, we believe that organic fertiliser is better suited for outdoor use than for indoor use. As the base of the GreenBox Booster is not organgic, it is odourless.


No. The wooden housing of the GreenBox contains a plastic tank. This in turn accommodates the insert with the 8 sockets for the PlantPlugs. In the middle of this insert there are 2 irrigation holes. The GreenBox can be filled with water using a drinking bottle or a standard indoor watering pot without any water dripping onto the wood.

When you start a new planting, the amount of water in the tank should be 1.5 litres. If the plants have already developed more roots, you can fill the water tank to the maximum - with approx. 2.3 litres of water. In both cases the plants are supplied for an average of 14 days. Please note that the water requirement can of course increase at high temperatures.

You can fill the water tank to the maximum - with approx. 2.3 litres of water. If you have started a new set, the initial water quantity of 1.5 litres is enough, as the sprouts and small plants do not need that much water. In both cases the plants will be supplied for an average of 14 days. At high temperatures, the water requirement can of course increase.


12 - 16 hours of grow light per day is the most effective level of lighting for the growth of your plants. When you connect your GreenBox to the app, the light is preset to 12 hours/day.

Of course, you can use the app to determine when the light should switch on and off automatically. The light temperature and intensity can also be flexibly adjusted to your mood via the app. In this way, you can even use the GreenBox as a light alarm clock and/or intelligent daylight lamp.

Turn your indoor garden into a stylish designer lamp with the GreenBox Tent!

15-20W. At a full light output of 12 hours a day (recommended lighting duration for optimal growth results), the electricity consumption is about 5.4 kWh per month, which corresponds to an additional monthly burden of about 2.26 EUR (as of September 2022). Shall we tell you an insider tip? Use our GreenBox Tent to turn your indoor garden into a stylish lamp and reduce your environmental and financial footprint.

Please try switching the GreenBox on and off again and restarting the app. Then please test the connection with the app (on/off) and set the times again.

The lighting programme "Growth" irradiates your plants with the optimal light intensity for the best possible growth (with 100 % light output). The other settings are intended for human lighting needs, such as "Ambient" as a warm light source for the evening.

If the light of the "Growth" programme is too bright for you - with no plants or very small plants at the beginning - you can reduce the brightness with the slider. However, we recommend 100% light output for perfect conditions. We have developed the GreenBox Tent for optimum intensity of the plant light and a pleasant room atmosphere at the same time.

An intelligent light function that automatically reacts to the lighting conditions in the stand area of the GreenBox is being planned. This will then be available for all GreenBoxes via an update of the GreenBox App. (This applies to both newer and older GreenBox series).

GreenBox Tent

We recommend using the GreenBox Tent for the first few weeks of your plants' growth phase. In this phase, some indoor gardeners find the LEDs too bright at full light output. As a lampshade, the tent then diffuses the light so that it is again perceived as pleasant.

Once the plants are large enough to touch the Tent, it can be removed for the rest of the growing cycle. The plants now disperse the light from the LEDs.

The GreenBox Tent does not interfere with the plants until they have grown to such an extendt that they noticeably touch the tent wall. When the plants have reached such a size, they cover the LEDs and disperse their light. The tent can be removed for the remainder of this growing cycle.

GreenBox App

You can find the GreenBox App on Google Play and in the Apple App Store. Please search there for "GreenBoxApp" or use one of the following links:

GreenBoxApp in the Google Play Store
GreenBoxApp in the Apple App Store

You can also use the GreenBox without the app, but we recommend using the app for the first setup of the GreenBox (e.g. to set the on/off times).

The connection from the app to the GreenBox via WLAN is planned for the 4th quarter of 2022. All existing GreenBoxes will then be able to connect to the app via WLAN. The app only needs the corresponding update. Currently, the connection between the app and the GreenBox only runs via Bluetooth.

All existing GreenBoxes will be able to connect to the app via WLAN - probably from the 4th quarter of 2022. The app only needs the corresponding update.

Yes, you can manage multiple GreenBoxes via the app.


Orders leave our store within 1 - 3 working days. Normally we ship on Tuesdays and Fridays. (If these days are public holidays in Berlin, correspondingly later.) All orders received by then will start their journey, which takes approx. 1 - 4 working days within Germany.

Of course you can! You can choose 4 of the PlantPlug sets, that are each available at a price of 9,99 €. Simply order the Great Variety Bundle and tell us in a separate email - quoting your order number - the 4 PlantPlug sets of your choice.

Yes, you can. Simply order your GreenBox or the GreenBox Bundle of your choice here on our website. To arrange a pick-up appointment, simply call us or send us an email (including your order number). You can find our contact details here.

You can also see and buy the GreenBox live here!

You will find spare parts in the accessories section.

Of course! LEDs have a long lifespan: The ones from our prototype are still working! However, if something should happen against our expectations, repairs can be carried out promptly and easily at standard repair and shipping costs in our Berlin workshop. If necessary, please write us a message.